Friction Tattoo Supply's Master Tube selection contains some of the highest quality tattoo tips and tubes out on the market. These special stainless steel tip disposable tubes are a first in the industry! You get the same stiffness of a stainless steel tip but without the hassle of cleaning after each session. Master Tubes' fully integrated grips, tips and tubes are all completely disposable saving on clean-up time, and allowing for more time spent tattooing.

  • Eliminates unnecessary friction caused by plastic tips
  • Don't worry about tattooing plastics into skin anymore!
  • True feeling of tattooing with stainless steel tips

  • 1" Round, Diamond and Magnum Tubes
  • 25 Tube/Box
  • Quality Plastic Grip

  • Master Tubes (Magnum, 5)$29.99$7.50