These professional grade stainless steel curved magnums are designed to enhance the elegance of any tattoo. Many other manufacturers especially on ebay have a cheap cost cutting method for sealing needles in blisters which makes removing needles from the blisters a real chore. Poor sealing also makes any sterilization process useless. We, on the other hand, have addressed this issue by using a special easy-rip consistent US glue and US sterilization paper. Each needle comes blister packaged and pre-sterilized with proof of sterilization. Our needles are produced to the best in quality and are manufactured with more consistency than other tattoo supply companies. This is the essential step towards attaining fine details.

  • Curved Magnum Needles
  • Flat soldering (no excess solder) to enhance ink flow and smooth continuation of needle movement
  • 304 Stainless Steel

Standard Curved Magnum(23 Needle, 30pcs/box)$14.99$3.75
Standard Curved Magnum(25 Needle, 30pcs/box)$14.99$3.75