These professional grade stainless steel bugpin magnums are designed to enhance the elegance of any tattoo. Smaller bugpin needles are used to attain even more detail than standard needles during a tattoo session. Please note that bugpin needle configurations are smaller and fit two needle sizes smaller on tips. For example, 9mag bugpin needles fit in a 7mag tube and 17mag bugpin needles fit in a 15mag tube. This is the essential step towards any attaining fine details. Many other manufacturers especially on ebay have a cheap cost cutting method for sealing needles in blisters which makes removing needles from the blisters a real chore. Poor sealing also makes any sterilization process useless. We, on the other hand, have addressed this issue by using a special easy-rip consistent US glue and US sterilization paper. Each needle comes blister packaged and pre-sterilized with proof of sterilization. Our needles are produced to the best in quality and are manufactured with more consistency than other tattoo supply companies.

  • Bugpin Magnum Needles
  • Flat soldering (no excess solder) to enhance ink flow and smooth continuation of needle movement
  • 304 Stainless Steel

Bugpin Magnum (7 Needle, 50pcs/box)$12.99$3.25
Bugpin Magnum (9 Needle, 50pcs/box)$12.99$3.25ON ORDER
Bugpin Magnum (13 Needle, 50pcs/box)$14.99$3.75
Bugpin Magnum (15 Needle, 50pcs/box)$14.99$3.75
Bugpin Magnum (17 Needle, 50pcs/box)$14.99$3.75