Prime Round Liner (3 Needle, 50pc/box)

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Prime was created to make world-class needles affordable for all artists. Prime Needles can go toe-to-toe with any high end tattoo needles in the world! The needles are crafted with surgical grade stainless steel and an ultra-flat solder distribution. The configurations Prime includes are: Round Shaders, Round Liners, Magnums, Curved Magnums, Bugpin Round Liners, Bugpin Magnums, and Bugpin Curved Magnums. Prime Needles are inspected to guarantee the perfect tattoo needle every time.


  • Flat soldering (no excess solder) to enhance ink flow and needle movement
  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • Packaged in individual blisters with proof of sterilization
  • Manufactured with extremely strict standards
  • Inspected to guarantee perfect needles
  • Quantity :